Sudha has been a therapist for over thirty years and a sannyasin since 1973. She studied psychology at Columbia University and trained in Encounter and Bio-Energetic Therapy both in America and in England. Sudha is one of the oldest Osho therapists: in 1974 Osho told her to start leading groups for him, which she has been doing ever since.

She has created, co-created or led some of the most noteworthy groups offered in Pune, among these: Anti Fischer Hoffman Process and the much-loved Tantra Intensive.

She is the creator of the Osho Therapist Training. She was the founder and former director of the Multiversity Faculty in Pune, the Institute for Love and Consciousness and Director of the Osho School for Tantra.

Sudha was left by her body on July 9th 2008 in Italy.
Thank you Sudha for everything !!
Namaste, owk aka Vartman